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El Hierro – different planet. Top 4 attractions to see in 2 days

I arrived by CanaryFly to El Hierro with Maks directly from Gran Canaria for the weekend of 23-24 November 2018. The weather was very good and allowed me to see the most beautiful places. In this guest post, I present a list of the top 4 attractions.

The Maks’s experience in Russian you can find here 
Let’s start!

1. La Caleta – small city where I lived on Airbnb. Its located only 30 min. walk from the airport. The one thing you should try there: take a bath in swimming pools (or directly in the ocean). We liked to eat paella (6,50 €) and soppa de pollo (2€) in Bar Restaurante Yesimar. We also recommend our Superhost on Airbnb and their comfortable house with amazing view from the terrace. The sunrises observed from the promenade are fabulous here.
La Caleta in El Hierro island 
2. Mirador La Isora – from this point you can see amazing view of the ocean. You can take a walk because the footpaths are in very good condition. We decided to come down from the high mountain by difficult route, which has more than 3 km. The route designation was yellow so it is not the hardest route. After all, it is 3 km in the sun on sharp irregular stones. That's why I do not recommend to people who are not familiar with such routes. Along the way we met the symbol of the island – Roque de la Bonanza. This geologic formation is visible also from the Mirador de las Playas.
Roque de la Bonanza, El Hierro
Mirador la Isora, El Hierro. 
3. Frontera - The island is so small that you can drive around the part called Frontera. Its funny for me that La Frontera is a municipality of… Santa Cruz de Tenerife (other Canary Island). La Frontera it’s a good choice if you want to admire the unearthly nature and wonderful views. We stopped by the pineapple fields and bought a few pieces in a nearby cooperative. They are indeed very juicy in taste. You can also visit there one of the smallest hotel in the world – Hotel Puntagrande. They have cozy restaurant where you can try delicious dishes. The prices are larger than in other places.
Hotel Puntagrande in El Hierro - 

4. El Hierro Sabinar (Frontera) - After driving around the whole Frontera by car we stopped here at sunset to see another symbol of the island – El Sabinar. Not only was the tree beautiful, but also other similar trees and plants around. I have not seen such nature and views anywhere else. I fell in love quickly.
El Hierro - Sabinar, Foto - Maks Wołosewicz

Why I love this island?

1. Only 10,000 people live here, that's why it is very safe, peaceful and there are no ... traffic jams!
2. People are relaxed here, very nice and willing to talk and help you.
3. There is no any problem with hitchhiking (autostop).
4. A bus ticket in each part of the island always costs 1.16 € (but there is no many routs, so I recommend car or hitchhiking).
5. There are no tourist resorts, big aquaparks, supermarkets like LIDL or shopping centers – only a few museums for fans of archeology.
6. The island is indeed energetically independent and develops in a sustainable way.


You can’t find there public Wi-Fi or coworking spaces to live and work remotely. Don’t worry. You can book a room with desk and speed Internet.

I hope you visit this island. It is worth it. Hurry up because now it is not popular and populated!

Ewelina Wojciechowska
Founder and PR Manager Travel House
The first coliving in Wroclaw, Poland

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  1. На нашем "Хорошем блоге о Польше" сегодня новая гостевая публикация.

    Ewelina Wojciechowska, делится с нами секретами умного отдыха на удивительном острове El Hierro (Канарский архипелаг, Испания). Материал доступен на английском языке.

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